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Dennis McNulty is an artist and musician who works across many different media, producing site-specific performances, gallery installations, sound and video works, and publications. In addition to this, he has produced a number of movie soundtracks, beginning with the Still Films production Seaview in 2007. His approach is informed by his background in electronic music production, the ideas of Walter Murch and Pierre Schaeffer, and his studies in psychoacoustics.

In addition to Seaview, he has also produced soundtracks for the Still Films features Pyjama Girls (2010) and Build Something Modern (2011). He has contributed dream sequence textures to the soundtrack of the feature Mr. John(2013), directed by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy (Desperate Optimists) and has produced music for their feature Helen (2008) and the related short Joy (2008), which won the Prix UIP, Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2008.

In 2012 he directed INTERZONE, a short video which was commissioned by Fingal County Council and produced by Still Films.